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UBD Links

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What is an Enduring Understanding?


Enduring understandings are statements summarizing important ideas and core processes that are central to a discipline and have lasting value beyond the classroom. They synthesize what students should understand—not just know or do—as a result of studying a particular content area. Moreover, they articulate what students should “revisit” over the course of their lifetimes in relationship to the content area.


Enduring understandings:

  1. frame the big ideas that give meaning and lasting importance to such discrete curriculum elements as facts and skills
  2. can transfer to other fields as well as adult life
  3. “unpack” areas of the curriculum where students may struggle to gain understanding or demonstrate misunderstandings and misconceptions
  4. provide a conceptual foundation for studying the content area and
  5. are deliberately framed as declarative sentences that present major curriculum generalizations and recurrent ideas.


What Enduring Understandings are NOT or DO NOT do:


Enduring Understandings…


  1. Do not simply restate the topic (ex: Students will understand the Civil War.)
  2. Do not simply narrow the focus of the topic (ex: Students will understand the causes of the Civil War.)
  3. Are not vague or unhelpful in framing the design of a unit (ex: Students will understand that weird stuff happens in history.)




For our UBD work we will be using the following resources:


National Standards



The National Standards for Civics and Government come from the Center for Civic Education.

Sample UBD/Curriculum Stuff from Other Schools/Districts



Big Ideas (are these any good??) 







Vermont GEs

  • GE Stems (paper copies)


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