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Needs for Future Work (2013 - 14 school year)


We think that the SS committee needs to get together for (at least) 3 days this coming school year - beginning in the fall - to do the following:


1. Review and revise the 5 learning progression. NOTE: It is very important that we have representation from K-4 to help with this work.


2. Concentrate on adding KUDs for K-5 for some of the learning progressions.


3. Add assessment ideas to some of the learning progressions (i.e., pull from GEs, etc.)


4. Create document "Habits of Being a Social Scientist". We have begun this document, and most of it can be pulled from other resources we currently have (e.g., Learning Principles, Effective Social Studies Inquiry Lessons, etc.) [ a) map skills; b) inquiry / research; c) media literacy; d) being a historian.]


5. Connecting to the CCSS requires us to know what the LNSU literacy curriculum looks like. So, we want to eventually revisit these documents with the CCSS in mind. We also see the CCSS linking to the "Habits" piece that we haven't created yet.







Draft Agenda

LNSU Social Studies Work

July 17 & 18, 2013


Monday, July 17

  •        Discussion with Rick: Work moving forward
  •        Review Learning Principles
  •        Review Enduring Understandings
  •        Enduring Understanding Wall Walk for grade clusters:
      •    PK-2
      •    3-5
      •    6-8
      •    9-12
  •         Edit, Finalize EUs by grade cluster
  •         Review Essential Questions – what are they? How do they differ from “regular” questions?
  •         Essential Question Wall Walk for grade clusters.
  •         Edit, Finalize EQs by grade cluster



Tuesday, July 18

  •         Review the CCSS for Literacy in History, Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects
  •         Review the new draft K-8 literacy progression from the district ** Need from Rick 
  •         Using UBD Template, begin KUD work by plugging in CCSS for 6-8 strand, then filling out rest of KUD from there. This work might need to be done as a circular process with brainstorming summative assessments.


Further work / Questions: (from June 2013)

  • Look at book lists and integration with ELA



LNSU Info in General:

  • Work in PLCs in all schools in the 2013 - 14 school year
  • Eden and Waterville will establish PLCs across the two schools 


Questions: (from summer 2012)

1. What is the timeline for the work? When do teachers get to use this? (see below)

2. When do grade level teams meet? How do we organize from here?

3. We will use an inservice to break into grade clusters in which our colleagues can ask us questions and give us feedback?

4. What about the missing schools? (small schools already have teachers on other committees; they are o.k. with this group doing the work and bringing it back to them for feedback)

5. What about special educators?

6. Who is going to do the intersection between curricula?

7. When will the administrators from schools get involved? What is their role in this work? (representatives on curriculum committees; teachers and students own curriculum, not administrators and boards; principals who sit on committees have passion for the subject area; need to foster clear communication between curriculum council and admin council about changes, recommendations)

8. How do we roll this out so that people understand and value it? (math - have teachers look at draft and give feedback to inform final version; literacy - at needs feedback stage; however, don't want to overwhelm people)

9. Will the SUs continue to collaborate? (leadership team prefers for this to happen)

10. Where does Common Core fit into all of this? (use as a reference document for Knows and Dos when we get to that stage)


Next Steps for Social Studies Curriculum Work:

To do PK-12 EUs and grade span EUs need to work in cross-level groups.

To build a learning progression (benchmarks by grade levels), need to make sure they build on each other as continue along grade levels.

After do grade span EUs, then break up in to grade level groups. Then continue to parse out what looks like at grade levels.

Teachers aren't ready to look at this until Knows and Dos are part of the document.


Goal by the end of next June?

Draft 1 of version with Knows and Dos. Before get to this, need grade span EUs.


Timeline of Work:

Grade Span EUs (work of '12 - '13 school year; 2 days) Schedule two days less than 3 weeks apart in the last two weeks of October (late fall).

Draft 1 Knows and Dos (2 - 3 days) - next June


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